Summer@CMDS Launches 2018 Summer Camp Lineup

by Amanda Bardos, Summer@CMDS Director

Summer@CMDS Director Amanda Bardos

Watermelon, sunscreen, swimming pools, beaches, vacation, popsicles, sunglasses, shorts, sandals, picnics and butterflies: What do these words represent? To many of us, they represent all things summer.

Summer is my favorite time of the year, and planning and hosting summer camp is one of my favorite things to do. With that in mind, we are very excited to officially launch our Summer@CMDS Summer 2018 catalog. We have a wide range of Enrichment Camps this summer. We also have lots of fun planned for our eight weeks of Day Camp.

Summer camp provides constant opportunities for children to try new things, meet new friends, engage in activities that push them outside of their comfort zone, build on the skills they learned during the school year, and have days filled with activities that keep them busy and off screens and devices.

The following are five reasons I feel it is good for children to attend a summer camp, whether you stay at home with your child or you work.

  1. Attending a summer camp encourages children to step outside of their comfort zone. It pushes them (just a little) to try things they have never tried. They can try things that are a part of the day camp activities (things they may not have ever been exposed to) or try new enrichment camps that might spark a new interest.
  2. They can continue to develop social skills. At camp, we encourage everyone to participate in activities. We encourage campers to work together and share responsibilities. We ask them to communicate clearly with staff and friends in a way that they may not be required in other environments.
  3. Summer camp staffers help teach independence to all campers, from rising PK to 6th grade. In PK, it can be something as simple as having the children carry their own bags to and from their classroom. Older students can make responsible decisions about games or handling disagreements with peers under the safety net of trusted counselors.
  4. Summer camp is all about making new friends and maintaining and strengthening current relationships. Camp counselors help foster these new relationships between students and help them by teaching and reinforcing all the good things parents teach at home. The children are interacting with each other and with their counselors, away from smartphones and iPads.
  5. It’s a place where kids can have fun and just enjoy being together! Summer camp is a break from the academic rigor and structure. It is full of fun, games, crafts, songs and happy, smiling faces. At camp, kindness is a staple; it is embedded in the core values that are taught and practiced daily. Simply, it’s a fun, sweet place for children to spend their summer break.

Check out the Summer@CMDS catalog and find something for your child to enjoy. We can’t wait to see you this summer.

Christ Methodist Day School first opened its doors in 1958 to 75 kindergarten students. Since then, CMDS has stayed true to its Christian elementary school roots while continuing to thrive as one of the best private schools in Memphis. We encourage you to come see why we are the primary choice for so many Memphis families.


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