Summer Reading and How to Avoid the Dreaded ‘Summer Slide’

by Linda May

A few months ago, the CMDS Connections Team provided information concerning the importance of “repeated reading” to enhance reading skills. With summer upon us, we now want to stress the necessity of summer reading. “Summer slide” is a fact, and it’s not the thrill your kids have at the swimming pool!

CMDS Connections Teacher Linda May

Your children and their teachers have worked hard on reading during the school year. Literary expert Julie Wood believes it is necessary for kids to read on a daily basis over the summer in order to maintain literary skills learned in the previous school year.

A University of Tennessee research study shows that children who don’t read over the summer lose at least two months of reading development. This is often referred to as the “summer slide,” or the “summer learning loss.”

On the other hand, students who read over the summer may gain a month of proficiency in reading. Summer reading is not a suggestion to keep kids busy; it’s a critical requirement to help students stay on track for their entire educational career and beyond.

Summer Reading Tips for Parents

It is strongly recommended that your child read more than the required books on their summer reading list. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Give your child an opportunity to choose books on his or her own as well.
  • Don’t forget to keep reading fun!
  • You can share-read with your child, and your child is never too old to be read to.
  • Providing a family example of reading appreciation is so helpful in fostering your child’s love of reading. The benefits are amazing.
  • If students find required books challenging, they should still read over the summer.
  • Consider having a scheduled time to listen to audiobooks. An audiobook can open up a world of adventure and give a child a boost in literary skills.

Parents who encourage their kids to read on a daily basis over the summer can avoid the summer slide. Students will make an easier transition into their new grade level in August, and parents will have pride in the fact that they have encouraged and nurtured their young learner.

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