Staying Engaged at School As Spring (Fever) Arrives

The first official day of spring signals the arrival of lots of wonderful things: warmer temps, blooms, longer days and more time outdoors. However, this changing season has also been known to deliver a “spring fever” to students everywhere. With one more quarter to go at CMDS, it’s important students stay focused on their schoolwork to finish the school year strong.

We asked Leslie Morgan, who has been treating the spring fever of CMDS 1st graders for 27 years, to share with us some ways to keep children engaged until the last day of the school year. We also called on this year’s student bloggers, Hattie Mae and Harrison, to share some ideas on fighting spring fever.

Mrs. Morgan: Keeping Your Child Engaged Until Summer Arrives

CMDS 1st Grade Teacher Leslie Morgan

As the end of the school year draws nearer, it is important to keep kids enthusiastic and engaged in the classroom until the very last day. But how do you encourage your kids to say focused with summer vacation just a few months away? Here are a few tips that will help your child successfully complete the school year.

  1. Consistently check their work and papers coming home.
  2. Talk with your child about what they are learning at school. Keep it up until the very last day!
  3. Show your enthusiasm about what they are learning. Praise! Praise! Praise!
  4. Keep a set bedtime.
  5. Don’t over schedule after-school activities.
  6. Eat healthy.
  7. Share with your child the progress that they have made during the year.
  8. Go over all the high points of the school year.
  9. Plan a celebration on the last day!

The school year is almost over. Let’s make every day great till the very end!

Harrison and Hattie Mae: How to Fight Spring Fever

Now that spring is officially here, there are many things to distract students. Some of these include wanting to be outside in the warm weather, playing with friends, thinking that they are “too cool for school”, and neglecting their studies to do other things.

There are many ways to fight this “Spring Fever.” We interviewed a couple of 6th grade students, and they brainstormed some great ideas! Here are some of their ideas for ways to fight Spring Fever.

Olivia L. had a great brainstorm. We need to remember that there are only a few more months until summer break, and we should try our best in all of our studies.

Jack G. has some great ideas. He says to remember that we are still in school, and what we do still counts toward our grade, and eventually our job. George G. says that we should all stay focused and have fun without getting in trouble at school.

Parker S. told us how he believes we all can fight this contagious fever. He thinks we should all pay attention in class and not fool around.

To sum things up, even though we all love longer days and warmer weather, we must all still stay focused on school and continue our studies until the year is over. We hope you will use these tips and most importantly, have a wonderful spring!


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