Sixth Graders Package Pringles in Engineering Exercise

CMDS technology curriculum specialist Kim Moon cooked up a crisp new idea for her sixth graders: a spin on the standard egg drop project.

The students were tasked with creating a crumb-proof chip package, which they are putting to the test both in the classroom and on the road. The process started with the kids viewing engineering process examples on NASA’s website. Ms. Moon gave them constraints, such as size and mass limit, and instructed them to imagine and plan their sketches on graph paper.

After designs were complete, students began building their packages with a test potato chip. The test phase might have been the most fun part of the assignment, as the students had a great time throwing their packages against the wall!

Now the CMDS student-designed packages – and their crispy contents – will travel to The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, Florida, where students there will carefully open and examine the Pringles inside. Mrs. Moon met Stephanie Sassetti, Out-of-Door’s middle school science teacher, at a National Science Teachers Association conference in Philadelphia.

The chips ship out this week, and the sixth graders are looking forward to getting photos from Florida to see how their packages stacked up!


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