Meryl and Mary Elizabeth Recap 6th Grade St. Louis Trip

CMDS 6th Graders Mary Elizabeth and Meryl are our student bloggers for the 2018-19 school year. They recently went on the annual CMDS 6th Grade trip to St. Louis and wrote this recap. 

A 6th Grade tradition at CMDS is the St. Louis trip. All 6th Graders go to St. Louis for three days with their parents and several of their CMDS teachers. We did many exciting things such as the Arch, the City Museum, and more! It was such an amazing trip, and there were so many memories made.

Day One

The first thing we did was go to the City Museum. It had many slides and tiny tunnels to crawl through. One slide that was favored was the 10-story slide. It is 10 floors high, and it swirls around the room. Also, there is an area on the rooftop with a few slides that we enjoyed.

One thing many people found scary was the bus hanging off of the roof! The good thing was that the bus would not fall off. The City Museum was a spectacular place to play around in.

The first night we were in St.Louis was filled with arcade games and prizes. That’s right, we went to Dave and Buster’s! It was huge! We were able to enjoy a buffet style dinner that included chicken nuggets, sliders, french fries, and mac & cheese.

Then we were able to go to the enormous arcade with so many fun games. We had a game card that collected our tickets and let us play all of the games inside the arcade. We played on and on. Then, we headed the store to buy our prizes.Dave and Buster’s was many students’ favorite thing that we got to enjoy!

Day Two

The next day, we went to go to the Gateway Arch. There, students were able to take a tram to the very top. It was so fun to look out the windows and see the beautiful view. When we got back down, we bought souvenirs and explored the museum. After taking some time to look around, we saw a 30-minute documentary about how the Arch was built. It was very cool to watch the last piece of the Arch get put in. It was an experience of a lifetime and will never be forgotten.

The second night, we went to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. It was a great time to hang out with friends. Everyone got to watch the game together and explore some of the stadium. We got to bond with each other. Everyone learned a few things about their friends that they did not know before. Also, the game had numerous snacks such as nachos, ice cream, and hot dogs. The food was delicious! The Cardinals were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. Even though the Cardinals lost, we still had a great time at the game.

Day Three

One of the last events of the trip was the chapel program our grade performed in front of our parents. All of the students sang the song “You Are My All in All.” It is a very sweet song that touched everyone’s hearts. Then, all the students were able to go up on the stage and read their Scripture Square. They talked about their life verse and their favorite CMDS memory. This is a moment we will all remember.

The CMDS class of 2019 St.Louis trip will be a memory that will live on forever in our hearts. We really appreciate the teachers and staff that made this trip possible. CMDS has been the school that we love and cherish. It will be hard to say goodbye, but the memories will never fade away.

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