Meet the Christ Church Facilities Team, by Hattie Mae and Harrison

CMDS 6th Graders Hattie Mae and Harrison are our student bloggers for the 2017-18 school year. In honor of the annual CMDS Maintenance Appreciation week, they interviewed these members of the Christ Church Facilities team to highlight them and their work.

Maintenance Appreciation Day is happening this week, and we are so thankful for all these men do. Each year, we celebrate the Facilities staff of Christ Church, and this year we interviewed some of them. We think you’ll enjoy getting to know a little more about this group of men, which is a great part of our CMDS family.

From L to R: Hattie Mae, Clarence, Charles, Oren and Harrison

Clarence Covington

Clarence has been a member of the CMDS maintenance team for more than eight years. He has five grown kids; the oldest is 50 and the youngest is 35. Clarence looks up to Jesus Christ as a role model. One of his hobbies is playing musical instruments, namely the guitar. Like most people, he has a favorite snack item. His is whole grain shredded wheat cereal with a banana. Clarence’s favorite thing about working at CMDS is keeping the campus safe and assisting his co-workers as well.

Charles Yates

Charles has worked at CMDS for 10 and a half years. He has three kids, and his oldest child is 22 years old. Charles, as most of the Facilities crew does, looks up to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His hobby and special talent is being a DJ, and his favorite snack is popcorn. His favorite part of working here is seeing smiles on everyone’s faces.

Oren Island

Oren has been at Christ Methodist for 18 years. Oren looks up to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as his role model. He doesn’t have any children, but he has many nieces and nephews. His favorite hobby is reading the Bible, and his favorite snack is the big yellow bag of chocolate chips from Kroger. Oren’s favorite part of being at CMDS is being part of the maintenance team. He is also a minister, so he loves learning about both the maintenance and ministry sides of Christ Church.

From L to R: Reggie, Keith, Harrison, Michael, Hattie Mae, Jimmie and Jeffrey

Michael Prescott

Michael – or as most of us know him, Mr. Michael – has been a part of the CMDS family for 18 years. He has two daughters. Mr. Michael looks up to our Father, God. Michael’s hobby is painting, and his special talents are also painting and carpentry. Michael’s favorite snack is … Chick-fil-A. Who doesn’t like Chick-fil-A? His favorite part of being at CMDS is to be working around the kids, and he especially loves the little kids and getting to see them grow from SK to 6th Grade. “I have so much fun giving high-fives,” he says. “I have so many little friends.”

Reginald Johnson

Mr. Reggie, as we know him, has been a part of the maintenance team for 20 years. Reggie has one 12 year old son. He also looks up to God and Jesus as role models. Mr. Reggie’s favorite thing to do is wash cars. Reggie’s favorite snack is peanut butter crackers and graham crackers. His favorite part of being on the Facilities team at Christ Methodist is cleaning up the school.

Jimmie Fields IV

Jimmie has been working at Christ Methodist for 10 years. He has 4 kids, ages 1 to 14. Jimmie looks up to God as his Savior. Mr. Jimmie’s hobbies include being a musician and an entrepreneur. He has many ideas, and he is a very creative person. His favorite snack item is a banana. His favorite thing about working here is having fun with his co-workers and cracking jokes for everyone to laugh at.

Keith Ward

Keith has worked at CMDS for 21 years. He has three daughters ages 18, 14 and 12. He looks up to our Father God. Mr. Keith’s favorite hobby is watching and keeping up with WWE, and he attends the WWE events at the FedExForum when they’re in town. He also loves to eat all kinds of fruits including pineapple, oranges, grapes, etc. He says Christ Methodist is a good place to work, and that’s why he likes his job.

Jeffrey Lewis Chambers

Jeffrey has been working at Christ Methodist for 14 years. Mr. Jeffrey has 9 children. He looks up to God as his Savior and role model. His hobbies include working on and fixing things on and off campus, and his favorite snacks include candy and cookies. His favorite thing about working here is doing a good job and feeling good about his work.

To summarize, all the Facilities staff members have worked at CMDS for many years, helping keep the church, school and campus clean and protected. We’re so thankful for everything that they do for our school, and we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers daily.

Christ Methodist Day School first opened its doors in 1958 to 75 kindergarten students. Since then, CMDS has stayed true to its Christian elementary school roots while continuing to thrive as one of the best private schools in Memphis. We encourage you to come see why we are the primary choice for so many Memphis families.

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