From Ms. Maginn’s Desk: Prayer in Focus at CMDS

by Teena Maginn

Seeing a child in prayer is a moving experience. It humbles me to a degree that only children can take you, when their innocence and depth of faith is seen. If I can be so struck by the sight of a praying child, imagine how God must be moved by the precious sound of a child’s voice.

CMDS Associate Head of School Teena Maginn

Teaching children to pray is a high priority at CMDS. It falls in line with our commitment to spiritual growth, Biblical teachings and love for God and Christ. Our teachers do a tremendous job teaching prayer to our students, from the youngest child to our 6th graders. Talking to God is as developmental as our spiraling academic standards.

We can teach young children to talk to God in their most earnest sincerity. Prayer develops into a more mature conversation with God when elementary children begin to understand through their experiences of hearing God’s word, knowing the promises of God and interchanging this knowledge with their own experiences.

Prayer is a basic foundation of a Christian relationship with God. It’s how we fellowship with Him. Our teachers and staff encourage this daily practice in order to develop that confidence in talking to God in any form and at any time.

The simplicity of prayer is easy for children to understand. There are not really any rules or a “right” way to pray. Children need to know they can talk to God about anything because He loves them. They need to realize they can talk to God like they talk to their best friend, anywhere, anytime.

If they can grasp this simple truth – the power of prayer – early enough in life, they will most likely grow up to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with God. Think about it: Kids will talk openly and honestly about almost anything. This is how we can teach them to pray, openly and honestly about anything that is on their heart.

Children have strong faith and they trust easily. Oh, the things we can learn from children, to naturally talk to God from the heart.

Teena Maginn is the CMDS Associate Head of School.


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