Maggie and Warren: 6th Grade Off to a Sweet Start

Seven weeks into school, 6th graders already have had lots of memorable moments but two seem to stand apart from the others: one a longstanding tradition and one completely new. Maggie and Warren are the 2019-20 CMDS 6th grade bloggers. Here they detail the August House Initiation day as well as the 6th grade trip to St. Louis.

House Initiation Day

On Friday, August 30, students in 1st-6th grades were sorted into their houses: Logos, Onesto, Scholastica and Agapez. Everybody was super excited to be initiated into their house. The whole school came to witness the first ceremony!

All the houses have a meaning that goes with their logo.

  • Logos means “the word,” and its color is gray. The symbol is the trinity, and the mascot is a hawk, which has a lot of knowledge.
  • Scholastica stands for keeping a growth mindset and having academic excellence; its mascot is a spider, which is creative.
  • Agapez represents social responsibility; the mascot is a hippo because of how much love and emotion they show.
  • Onesto represents personal integrity; its mascot is a wolf because it is loyal and faithful and very dependent.

Students lined up on the balcony for the ceremony. Beginning with 6th grade, students were called to run down the stairs and make a circle around the bucket holding envelopes, which were waiting to be grabbed. Then the entire school counted down. 5-4-3-2-1!

After the countdown, everyone opened their envelopes and ran to their houses. In each corner of the Courtyard, there were tables set up for each house with T-shirts, mascots and accessories that went with their color. There was also an excited group of teachers and staff waiting for the students. A team of people were also videoing everything, and there was even a drone flying around videoing the ceremony from a bird’s eye view! Everyone was super excited to watch the ceremony happen!

Students and teachers were thrilled to be in their houses. Taylor, a 6th grader, was sorted into the Logos house. “I like how Logos means the word of God and how I think everyone needs to know how He saved us from our sins,” she said.

Mary Randall, who is also a 6th grader, is in Scholastica. Mary Randall said, “I enjoy supporting my house with spiders and gold accessories!”

Many of the students were with their friends and the teachers were sorted with some fellow teachers that teach their grade.

Fifth grader Mary Thomas is in Agapez. “I like the teachers who are in my house and the friends,” she said. “I like how the mascot is a hippo.”

Sixth Grade Takes St. Louis

The first day of our 6th grade trip was amazing. We went to the Saint Louis Science Museum and to the Cardinals game. At the museum, we saw dinosaur fossils, a movie, lots of experiments, a star show and space capsules. The star show was really cool and interesting.

The second day was very exciting. We all got waffles and coffee at the complimentary breakfast that morning. We went to the Chapel program, the courthouse, on a riverboat ride, up in the Arch and to Dave and Buster’s.

At the Chapel program we said our life verse, which we decorated on a scripture square. The courthouse was where the Dred Scott case happened. It was super cool seeing all the architecture from back then.

From the Arch, we got to see the whole city. At the top, the view was amazing. Then we watched a movie about how they built the Arch. They brought the crane up there with them to build it.

We went to Dave and Buster’s to eat dinner and play games. We also had cookie cake for Mrs. Reynolds’ birthday.

The last day was very fun. We went to the City Museum before we went home. The first thing we did was wake up and pack. We had a competition about who could clean their room the best. Then we went to the City Museum where there was so much to do. They had 11 floors full of fun! They had a Ferris wheel on the roof and tons of slides. There was a 10-story slide, a skate park with ropes and ramps, a ton of caves that were very easy to get lost in and a whole outside area with metal bars you could climb. They had planes and castles and a ball pit.

After lunch, we sadly had to head home. It was a blast and a trip we will always remember.

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