How ­To ­– and Why You Should – Frame Your Child’s Artwork

by Meghean Warner

Last Easter, I remember coming home from church and feeling somewhat defeated. Rather than focusing on the hope of the cross, I came home focused on my frustrations as a parent.

CMDS Grade School Art Teacher Meghean Warner

My husband and I spent most of the service wrestling with our two children to stay seated. There were times when my 4 year old was basically doing Pilates in the pews. After that, we came home to find that she had drawn a big green Easter bunny in Sharpie on our dining room wall. This was not the Easter I had pictured in my mind!

I sent her straight to time out. However, right after that, she pulled me over to show me her wall scribbles. She was so proud of that bunny, of what she had created. In that moment, some of my frustration dissolved. God was showing me his grace in the midst of what had been a rough day.

The reason our children’s art is amazing is not because they are creating beautiful things or because they are perfect children. (My child had no business coloring on the walls.) It is because their artwork reflects the glory of God who created them. Our children fearfully and wonderfully create because they are fearfully and wonderfully created in God’s image, as Psalm 139 teaches. He cares about their scribbles and messes because He values their life and loves them.

Following this realization, I decided to be more intentional about framing my kid’s artwork. My children are God’s first and then mine. In the frustrations and messes and challenges of parenting, I can glance up on the wall at their art and remember that I am never alone. There is a perfect God in heaven who created them and loves them infinitely more than I ever could and in whom I can rest when feeling weary. That is a reason to rejoice!

Framing Your Child’s Artwork: The Process

We decided to frame our kid’s artwork with IKEA frames, and purchased four RIBBA frames for $6.99 each. IKEA Frames are not the sturdiest. If you’re looking to hang a piece long-term, I would recommend getting it professionally framed.

I chose 4 pieces from my child’s portfolio last year, and I trimmed the artwork to fit the frame. I ended up wiring the backs of the IKEA frames to make for easier hanging. (The hooks on the frames I purchased are shorter than the actual frame; not sure why but that seems appropriate for IKEA!)

I then used screw eyes and framing wire that can be found in the framing section of Lowe’s or Home Depot. I also used painters tape to tape the back of the art to the frame so it would stay securely in place. The IKEA frames are great because they look beautiful but only cost $28. For me, it was worth the extra effort to wire the backs. However, I have never had to rewire any frames from Michaels, which always has a 40% off coupon on its app. I will probably go there next time I want to frame something, but I am really happy with how their art looks hanging in our living room. Below are some pics of the process and the final result.


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