Five Healthy Habits for Children of All Ages

It’s Good Choices Week at CMDS, and students in every grade level are engaged in discussions and activities about the importance of healthy habits.

This week, CMDS 3rd-6th Graders are using time in Leadership to prepare presentations for the younger grades.

The 6th Grade is crafting a PowerPoint presentation all about vegetables for SK. After presenting the PowerPoint, 6th Grade will participate in a veggie tasting with their SK buddies.

Fifth Graders are working with PK and JK. They are selecting Good Choices-approved books to read to the PK classes. They’re also showing a “Henry the Hand, Champion Handwasher” germ lesson – complete with glittery hand sanitizer to illustrate how germs spread ­– for their JK friends.

Fourth Grade made posters and will present a fruits lesson to 2nd Grade. Third Grade is making veggie posters to present to 1st Grade.

School Nurse Alison Boeving is visiting younger classrooms to read books that encourage healthy habits. She is reading “Potty Animals,” a funny book about good potty habits, to JK.

And our youngest friends in 2K and PK are having fun with fruits and veggies coloring sheets. Nurse Boeving is reading “I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato” to the 2K classes.

Below are five healthy habit summaries to share with your children. Click here to download these healthy habits and print them out for your child. It would be a great way to incorporate what they’re learning and hearing about at school.

CMDS_Good Choices Week_Five Healthy Habits


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