Hattie Mae and Harrison Recap CMDS St. Louis Trip

CMDS 6th Graders Hattie Mae and Harrison are our student bloggers for the 2017-18 school year. Here they give a recap of the CMDS St. Louis trip our 6th graders take each year. 

Day 1 – CMDS St. Louis

Our first day in St. Louis was just as cool as the others, but still very different. Everyone got to school at normal time so that we could leave our wonderful school and travel to St. Louis, Missouri.

The bus ride was long but fun. We played games, listened to music, watched movies and talked to friends.

We finally reached the Science Center where we got to eat lunch and see a King Tut exhibit. King Tut was a young ruler of his vastly growing nation. We also saw his burial chamber and the different parts of the tomb in which he was buried.

Afterwards, we saw the Cardinals play baseball in their giant stadium against the Cincinnati Reds. Whack!!! A ball went flying through the sky. Home run, Cardinals, and the crowd went wild!

Day 2 – CMDS St. Louis

The second day in St. Louis was a blast! First, we shared our life verses in a beautiful chapel full of many of our parents shedding tears of pure joy and pride.

Afterwards, we went to the Old Courthouse Museum downtown and explored the upper and lower floor exhibits and gift shop.

Our next stop was the Riverboat, where we ate an amazing lunch, played, talked and enjoyed the sunshine on the deck as the St. Louis Arch came into view.

Next, we went to the Arch in all its glory; on the Arch, we traveled to the top in a tiny capsule like an elevator. At the top, we took pictures, looked down at the ground below and came back down safely. Later, after freshening up in the hotel room, we went to Dave & Buster’s to enjoy a nice meal; we got game cards and many people won prizes, jackpot!

Day 3 – CMDS St. Louis

It was so sad to leave such an amazing place, but we had to. The bus ride home was the same as any other bus ride. We played games, watched a movie and talked to friends.

We stopped at Lambert’s for lunch in Missouri. Yum!!! Lambert’s is a restaurant where instead of serving hot rolls on a plate, they throw them to you. The food was really good and the cups that we drank out of were like oversized coffee mugs.

Finally, we got back on the bus and headed home again. We got to watch National Treasures: The Secret of the Tomb before returning to CMDS late that afternoon.

All in all, I think we had a great trip, and we can’t wait to go back to St. Louis one day with our friends.

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