Good Choices Week at CMDS Highlights Four Healthy Habits

by Rebecca Gieselmann and Alison Boeving

Each year CMDS spends a week focusing on good choices. This year, we are highlighting these four healthy habits:

  1. Exercise.
  2. Eat your fruits and veggies.
  3. Get plenty of sleep.
  4. Use good manners.

Research shows that children who develop healthy eating and exercise habits are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol as teenagers. Additionally, there is a growing body of research that shows that exercise and healthy habits as an adult can diminish a person’s chance of getting diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

We believe that it is very important for our Early Childhood and Grade School students to begin recognizing the importance of good choices, especially in the areas of exercise and nutrition.

This is one of the reasons for our new Learning Garden, which we officially cut the ribbon on and planted last week. Our students will enjoy planting and caring for the plants in our garden, and then have the opportunity to taste the healthy food they’ve grown.

Throughout Good Choices Week, every student will be exposed to some form of teaching that focuses on these four important topics.

Our 6th grade students have been working on healthy habit PowerPoint Presentations and will share these with the SK classes. Following that we will have a veggie tasting party!

Fifth graders will read books to our PK and JK classes. Other activities will include fruit and veggie bingo, coloring sheets, a word search, poster presentations, a crossword puzzle, a Good Choices headbands game, stickers and several video lessons.

This 2nd Grade friend was a Good Choices Week raffle winner for showing kindness and good manners by playing with a friend who was sad.

Additionally, as part of Good Choices Week, CMDS Nurse Alison Boeving facilitates a daily raffle, which focuses on four different areas of healthy living.

This year we have added an emphasis on manners. Among other important manners, we will encourage students to look people in the eye when they are communicating with another person.

As parents we should strive to do our best to help instill healthy habits in our children. Additional habits that we can emphasize are:

  • Getting a good night’s rest
  • Eating veggies and fruits
  • Eating breakfast each morning, preferably with some protein
  • Exercising almost every day
  • Drinking plenty of water and milk
  • Saying please, thank you and excuse me

We hope that this week will give you, as parents, another opportunity to teach your children about the importance of making good choices!

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Rebecca Gieselmann joined CMDS as Guidance Counselor in 2006. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Crichton College and a Master’s in School Counseling from the University of Memphis. Mrs. Gieselmann is a mother of three, one CMDS alum and two current students.

Nurse Alison Boeving has been with CMDS since 2006. She previously held positions with a pediatrician’s office, a pediatric gastroenterology group and the Church Health Center. She holds a BSN from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Mrs. Boeving is a mother of three, one CMDS alum and two current students.

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