Getting Back in the Homework Groove

by Julie Reynolds

CMDS 5th & 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher Julie Reynolds

Back to school means back to schedules, routines, earlier bedtimes and homework. For many students, this may be an easy transition. For others, summer may have been just too much fun, and they are not ready for it to end. Here are some suggestions that may make life a little less stressful when it comes to beginning the year and doing homework.

Everything should have a place.

Organization is the name of the game to being successful in a new school year. Make sure folders, binders and backpacks are always neat and organized. Keep important handouts, worksheets and other papers in the brads or rings of the appropriate section. For example, math work should be in the math folder or math section of the binder for easy retrieval. Everything should have a place, and there should be no loose papers in desks, backpacks, binders or folders. Being prepared to begin class with all needed supplies helps build confidence and responsibility.

Keep careful track of all homework assignments.

Before leaving school for the day, students should make sure ALL assignments –including tests, quizzes, and projects – are written in their planners. If the teacher writes it down, the student should also write it down exactly and completely. Also, bring home all needed supplies, books and papers from the classroom. Likewise, make sure all needed items for the next school day are ready and in the proper place before returning to school.

Make a homework schedule.

A regular scheduled time for doing homework is also very important. It may be a different time each day, so write it on a calendar each week. Don’t forget, studying for tests and quizzes should be done during this time if there are no written assignments. Reviewing new or difficult concepts during homework time is recommended as well. Repetition helps students retain what they learned.

Keep calm and have a little fun.

Most importantly, DO NOT get overwhelmed when beginning a new year. It will take some time to learn new routines and study habits. Break larger assignments and projects down into smaller tasks, ask for help and be attentive. It’s also okay to have a little fun!

Julie Reynolds is the CMDS 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts teacher.

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