The Genesis of a Bible study for CMDS Dads

Mark Sorgenfrei and Chuck Ellingsworth weren’t sure where their idea of a Bible study for CMDS dads would lead them, so they started in the beginning.

“Genesis: Familiar Events, Familiar People And So Much More” is a non-denominational Bible study open to all CMDS dads.

CMDS DadsThe group meets twice a month, on the first and third Friday morning, from 6:30 to about 7:20 in Wilson-Ross 211. They’re meeting this Friday, Feb. 17. Coffee is provided and the group is making its way through a deep study of Genesis.

“It really doesn’t matter what church you go to, or maybe you’re not involved in a church whatsoever,” Sorgenfrei says. “It’s a broadly evangelical Bible study where no matter your background or appetite, you will feel welcome.”

Ellingsworth has three children at CMDS. Sorgenfrei is dad to two (and soon to be three) students. They started the group strictly by word of mouth in the fall, wanting to make sure they had “our feet under us from a teaching standpoint,” he says.

Now they’re hoping to expand the group beyond the 10 to 15 men that have been attending regularly.

Rather than make it topical, Ellingsworth and Sorgenfrei have structured the discussion around the study of Genesis. There’s plenty of discussion and open-ended questions as well, but the focus is on the Bible’s first book.

“A lot of people know about Genesis and think about it as these great stories, but there’s so much more underneath the hood of Genesis than the flood, the ark and the animals,” Sorgenfrei says. “We can tell our kids about that. Maybe we can help teach them on an even deeper level what all’s in there because it’s exciting, especially as it relates to Jesus and salvation and how it all ties together.”

There are traditionally more opportunities for moms to plug into children’s school communities. This Bible study, along with Dr. Williams’ All Pro Dad Huddles, give fathers a few outlets of their own.

The All Pro Dad Huddles meet monthly, on the first Thursday morning in Seabrook Hall. The events are aimed at providing some quality time – and quality conversation – for dads and their young children.

The next huddle is Thursday, March 2, at 7:15 a.m. in Seabrook Hall. The topic is bravery.

Sorgenfrei hopes that their Bible study can, even if only in a small way, further the mission of Christ Methodist Day School.

“As parents, we’re all in this together, on a spiritual aspect in addition to everything else.”


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