Critical Thinking Apps and Activities from CMDS Tech Teacher Ms. Moon

As we are out with the old and in with the new in 2018, CMDS Technology Teacher Kim Moon shares on the changing dynamic in the classroom as well as a few recommendations for excellent critical thinking apps and activities.

“Alexa, who was Amelia Earhart?”

CMDS Technology Director Kim Moon

We are seeing an explosion of people buying digital voice assistants, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. We are in the age of machine learning, or artificial intelligence. Students are growing up with Siri at their disposal and, they have no fear of new technologies.

What does this look like in the classroom? We are not there yet, but we will see more artificial intelligence in classrooms of the future. Education is changing, and we have to adapt to a student-centered environment.

Teachers are no longer the only source or giver of information. Now, we have the ability to have Alexa by our side as a teacher’s assistant in those “teachable moments.”

Jobs of the future also are changing, and schools are preparing students for these STEM-related jobs, adding more computer science electives and maker spaces. With so many options to choose from online, students in middle school and high school can learn programming languages.

Teacher Tip: Work to increase your child’s abilities in spatial reasoning, logic and problem solving. Take a break from the screens and do more puzzles and strategy board games as a family. Have your child explain directions on a map or help navigate.

Ms. Moon’s Favorite STEM iPad Apps

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