CMDS Wins ‘Juror’s Favorite’ at Memphis Canstruction Jr. Competition

Even though they were the youngest team competing, CMDS 6th Graders crushed the 2017 Memphis Canstruction Jr. contest last week and took home the “Juror’s Favorite” award for their design.

CMDS students chose a playful twist on this year’s Canstruction theme, Transportation in Memphis. Their design, “The Vehicle From Within,” was born from their conclusion that the most detailed form of transportation actually occurs within the body.

The circulatory system acts like an enormous expressway in the body. It provides both the routes and the momentum to get different substances to and from the heart. The heart, or hub, sends oxygen and nutrients on a “trip” throughout the body using a specialized highway system.

The 6th graders chose to build with cans of tomatoes, corn and beans, which all specifically increase heart health and limit heart disease. (The colors of the cans made for a nice design element as well.)

Tomatoes contain potassium, which leads to effective blood pressure control and stabilization. Cooking corn releases antioxidants, which helps protect the body from cardiovascular disease. Beans have phytochemicals, which help reduce cholesterol and inflammation.

Canstruction benefits Mid-South Food Bank

Canstruction is an annual competition that engages participants in structural design while also allowing them to make a significant positive impact on hunger in their local community.

The 2017 Memphis Canstruction Jr. teams were composed of middle and high school students from about 20 local schools. The teams donated their cans to the Mid-South Food Bank.

East High School hosted the event. The University of Memphis Department of Civil Engineering, West Tennessee STEM Hub and the American Society of Civil Engineers produced it locally.


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