CMDS Students Reflect on Kindness Counts Week

by Rebecca Gieselmann

Kindness is an important character quality that all of us at CMDS strive to teach to the students. For the past few years, our school motto has been “Choose Kindness.” Our teachers talk to our students on a consistent basis about how to treat one another with kindness and respect. 

In addition to the “Choose Kindness” theme, each February we have Kindness Counts Week. One of the reasons we have Kindness Counts Week is to teach our students about bullying and equip them to know what to do when they see bullying behaviors occur.

In order to minimize bullying behaviors, each year we plan a large-scale kindness activity for our students. Our hope is that as students experience positive emotions connected with doing something kind, they will continue to choose to be kind.

This year, our 1st-6th Graders were Undercover Agents of Kindness. Each student was given a name of a classmate. During Kindness Counts Week, they had to do a secret act of kindness for that student.

The students did an amazing job. They baked cookies, made compliment books, sewed pillows, made bookmarks, drew special pictures and more. After Kindness Counts Week, the teachers asked their students to do some form of reflective writing about this activity.

Here are some clips from our 2nd Grade students.
  • “Kindness Week was so much fun. I think it made people NOT feel left out.”
  • “It made me feel loved.”
  • “It made me feel really happy because I love being kind to others.”
Some of our 3rd Graders wrote:
  • “Giving kindness fills my heart with joy.”
  • “It just really made me feel happy to have a week where we can show all our kindness.”
  • “Just sharing God’s love is really what we did and it felt good.”
  • “You should always choose kindness because when you choose to be mean it does not make you feel good inside. When you choose kindness, it makes you you feel joyful and happy in the inside.”
  • “There won’t always be a reward for being kind so don’t always expect one. You should always choose kindness not just on Kindness Counts Week.”
And from our 5th and 6th Grade students:
  • “Doing something for someone always makes me feel good, but this made me feel really good.”
  • “This activity affects our relationships by helping us become closer friends.”
  • “This activity makes others feel important.”
  • “A lot of things can come from kindness. For example, trust, friendship and return of kindness.”
  • This activity had a positive influence on many of our students. We hope that this – along with our continued emphasis on kindness – will create a comfortable and peaceful environment for all of our students at CMDS.

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