CMDS Students Learn Healthy Breakfast Options in Wellness

by Kathryn Grissom

We are excited to announce that the Physical Education Department of CMDS has a new brand! We are now referred to as Wellness.

Kathryn Grissom teaches Grade School Wellness at CMDS

Why Wellness?

Over the past several years we have been incorporating nutrition, physical activity, spiritual well-being, strength and endurance into our class. All of these aspects of life make up a Wellness program.

We decided to change the name to match what our students are already doing in class. As the Wellness teacher, I felt it was very important to teach our children at a young age that Wellness is vital to living a happy, healthy, long life.

Healthy Breakfast Month

The month of September is recognized as “Healthy Breakfast” month. We are spending this month learning what makes up a healthy breakfast. It’s a very important meal because the food you eat in the morning turns into energy for the day. This energy allows your brain to begin working and allows children to work diligently at school.

A healthy breakfast does not need to be a gourmet meal, nor does it need to a huge home-cooked meal. There are many options that qualify as a “healthy breakfast.”

Parents, you may have heard your children coming home asking if “PFF” is on their plate for breakfast. This is our little cheat sheet that protein, fiber and fat need to be included in a healthy breakfast. Research shows that when you combine these three food sources at breakfast, you will feel full longer.

Research also shows that young children do need “good fats” to help their brains grow and develop. This allows them to make it to lunch without wasting brain thoughts on food and spend more time thinking about what they are learning in school.

Examples of a Healthy Breakfast
  • Nut butter on a whole wheat toast
  • Smoothie (Make sure to include protein powder, milk or yogurt.)
  • High-fiber cereal with milk (Please be aware that many cereals contain a high amount of sugar. Be sure to read the label before purchasing.)
  • Eggs, bacon and toast
  • Bacon (or any meat) with a bagel and cream cheese
  • Cheese toast on whole wheat bread
  • Yogurt and fruit (Make sure the fruit has fiber in it.)
  • Oatmeal with milk and fruit

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