Nurse Alison’s By the Numbers: That’s How Many Band-Aids?

A school nurse’s medical expertise and ability to multitask are critical to keeping a student body healthy. CMDS has a wonderfully talented school nurse, Alison Boeving, who helps keep our students (and let’s face it, sometimes our teachers) on their feet.

She says one of her primary roles as school nurse is to help teachers and parents monitor and resolve minor medical issues at school in an effort to prevent students from missing class.

Of the 471 visits she had at the CMDS Nurse’s Station last month, 457 children returned to class.

Nurse Alison says: “If the school nurse calls you to say your child is not feeling well, it is not because she is trying to make your day more complicated! If your child is not vomiting or with fever, she must either be too ill to participate with the class or so insistent that she doesn’t feel good that we are unable to persuade her otherwise.”

Scraped knees and elbows top Nurse Alison’s list as the most common cause of a visit. She also sees her fair share of headaches, stomachaches and other injuries.

Nurse Alison keeps meticulous records, and we had fun culling some numbers with her. Here is Nurse Alison’s By the Numbers:

  • 3,463: Student nurse visits since August
  • 3,347: Students who returned to class following a visit to Nurse Alison
  • 3%: Students who were sent home following a visit to Nurse Alison
  • 1,129: Doses of medicine given since August
  • 5: Types of medicine given: oral, inhaled, injected, topical and ears/eyes/nose
  • 11: Number of years Nurse Alison has been the CMDS School Nurse
  • 2,000: Band-Aids used in a typical school year
  • 40: Record for number of student visitors in one day
  • 5.5: That’s 5.5 patients per hour!

Nurse Alison Boeving has been at CMDS since 2006. She previously held positions with a pediatrician’s office, a pediatric gastroenterology group and the Church Health Center. She holds a BSN from the University of Tennessee Knoxville.


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