Welcome to My House: CMDS House System Explained

CMDS has initiated its entire faculty and staff as well as all of its students in 1st-6th Grade into a new House system. Beginning last year, a group of school faculty and administrators started developing the program and planning for its roll out. There were many goals (and many drafts). Above all, the CMDS Houses were designed as a way for the entire school to live out the Mission Statement every day.

Why Houses?

The Houses will allow our students to interact with peers in other grades.

Some of these friendships have taken hold in other aspects of our school. It’s visible in the 6th Grade-SK buddy relationship and through our Spirits Theatre performances, which put multiple grade levels together in musical productions. Those are special connections, and multiplying them is a major goal of the program.

The Houses will help students feel part of a smaller family within CMDS.

Our school is growing! That’s excellent news on a lot of fronts, but it also comes with other challenges. The Houses are designed to give our students a smaller family within the larger school community.

Faculty and staff will have the chance to interact with other students and each other.

Often our teachers, through no fault of their own, get insulated in their own classroom or with their own teaching partners. The same is true for many of our staff members. Houses are shaking that up. Teachers now can interact with students in other grade levels, many of whom they’ve taught in years prior. Faculty and staff can interact with their peers who may work in different departments or different buildings. It’s all about engagement and making connections with each other.

Because you should love going to school …

At CMDS, there are many things that make students love coming to school. The Houses will be another one of those things. They’re a way to get students excited about school, and teachers and staff excited about coming to work.

What Do Those Names Mean?

The names are a manifestation of the CMDS Mission Statement: Christ Methodist Day School is devoted to exceptional Christian elementary education for boys and girls through spiritual development, academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity.

House Logos

Logos represents the “spiritual development” pillar of the Mission Statement. Logos is ancient Greek for “word,” as in the Word of the Lord. The Logos motto: Learning to love and live like Jesus. Its mascot is the hawk, an intelligent bird that uses a higher vision and elevation to make decisions. The color is gray, and the symbol is the Trinity.

“We pray that you may live a life worthy of the Lord.” – Colossians 1:10

House Scholastica

Scholastica is the “academic excellence” piece of the mission. It derives from the Latin word “scholasticus,” meaning “of or belonging to a school.” The Scholastica motto: Doing your best and keeping at it. The spider represents Scholastica for its intelligence, patience and creativity. The color is gold, and the symbol is the book.

“Study to present yourself to God as one approved.” – Philippians 2:4

House Agapez

Agapez personifies “social responsibility.” It’s a play on the Greek word “agape,” meaning “brotherly love or charity.” The Agapez motto: Showing regard for self, others and the world.” The hippo represents Agapez for its size, power and emotion. The color is red, and the symbol is a heart.

“You should look, not to your own interests, but the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:4

House Onesto

Onesto represents “personal integrity,” the Mission Statement’s fourth pillar. It’s from the Latin word “honestus,” which means honest. The Onesto motto: Always doing what’s right, even when no one is watching. The loyal and faithful wolf – the Onesto mascot – often must trust its own instincts to know what to do. The color is blue, and the symbol is a balanced scale.

“I know you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there.” – 1 Chronicles 29:17

What Now?

Once a member of the CMDS family is initiated into a House, he or she is in that House for life. At the beginning of each school year, all 1st Graders, new Grade School students and new faculty and staff will receive their House assignment.

Throughout the year, opportunities will arise for individuals and groups to earn points for their House. Exactly what those opportunities are will evolve and change from year to year, but there will be an overall House champion at the end of each school year.

Stay tuned for more information to see how the Houses develop throughout year one. It’s an exciting time for CMDS – Logos, Scholastica, Agapez and Onesto are another way to make school more meaningful and more fun.

Christ Methodist Day School opened its doors in 1958 to 75 kindergarten students. Since then, CMDS has stayed true to its Christian elementary school roots while continuing to thrive as one of the best private schools in Memphis. Come see why we are the primary choice for so many Memphis families.



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