CMDS Class of 2017 Describes Faculty, Staff Influences

CMDS 5th & 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher Julie Reynolds

by Julie Reynolds

Recently the CMDS Class of 2017 wrote descriptive essays about special people, events, and places at CMDS.

While reading these essays, I realized how blessed I was to have such thoughtful, caring students. I also realized how great it was to work at a school that has students who appreciate their many experiences here.

While it seems that I get to reap the rewards of seeing how mature, knowledgeable, and precious these students are who are about to graduate, it takes everyone here at CMDS to help them become ready for their next adventure.

Although I wish I could share all 38 essays with everyone, I have compiled and paraphrased a few quotes. These excerpts come from several members of the CMDS Class of 2017 and highlight some of the influential people they chose to describe.

Mrs. Diane Oxner

Her job is one of the most important jobs at our school. Every morning, when students walk in the door, she greets them happily with a smile. She is so positive and supportive. If you are not in dress code, she will help you find the stuff you need. She will even go running around the whole school so you can get to a doctor appointment on time. She is the most generous woman you could ever get to know.

Mrs. Leslie Morgan

The memories I have with her will never be forgotten. One of the best memories is reading The Chronicles of Narnia and learning the 23rd Psalm. She taught us that even though we are young, that didn’t mean God couldn’t use us. She is so creative and understanding and does better things than just worksheets. We even had a stuffed monkey named Billy Bob Morgan. I loved being in Mrs. Morgan’s class.

Mrs. Carol Deaver

She is a loving 2nd grade teacher. Anyone who was in her class can remember something they did, and even though the first day of school was hard, Mrs. Deaver made it amazing. She had a nice warm hug for every student and their parents. She has been a blessing to CMDS for more than 30 years. She has given joy and happiness to many students, teachers, parents, and staff.

Mrs. Shelley Bolton

This teacher is blessed with her ability to be such a good communicator. She always looks on the bright side of everything, and she is patient even though it gets messy in her class. She always thinks outside of the box and never criticizes anyone’s work. She teaches there is no right or wrong in art. I am dreading to leave this special teacher behind.

Mrs. Jenny Wilford

She is the perfect person to teach 5th and 6th grade. She is so patient and compassionate with all of us and explains things so carefully and with understanding. She is also extremely funny and teaches in a way that makes learning fun. Mrs. Wilford always gives up her time to help when I need it. I am going to be sad next year when she is not my math teacher. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Mrs. Cheryl Bryant

She has been a great influence on my faith journey during my years at CMDS. She has an amazing way of making Bible stories come to life no matter how old we are, and she inspires us to do the right thing. There cannot be too many teachers like Mrs. Bryant who have so much influence on our school. God put her on this Earth to spread the Holy word of the Bible. I aspire to act like Mrs. Bryant.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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