CMDS Celebrates Alice with Mad Hatter Tea Party

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Each year 3rd Grade at CMDS enjoys pondering many of Lewis Carroll’s mysterious riddles as they study “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the perfect tale to help students grow their imagination and bring the book to life.

To conclude the study of Carroll’s story, students jump down the rabbit hole to celebrate at their own Mad Hatter Tea Party. This CMDS tradition put together by the teachers and parents brings the story to life, providing students with their own adventure into the book.

Bringing books to life for children sparks a thirst for knowledge that will last a lifetime.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party is one event that we think our 3rd Graders will always remember. It is our hope that bringing this book to life has ignited a fire for reading in many of our students who may have been reluctant readers before.

It would be wonderful to travel the world – both real and make-believe ­– and visit all the settings of our favorite books. At Christ Methodist Day School, we believe in bringing as many “experiences” to the classroom possible.

This year’s CMDS 3rd Grade Mad Hatter Tea Party took place in September.

Teachers dressed as characters from the story. The students loved seeing Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the Blue Caterpillar and more!

We had pink lemonade, Queen of Hearts sandwiches, cupcakes with playing cards and more.

Our wonderful parents coordinated food and vibrant decorations to match the theme and content of the story.

Students also wore their very own Mad Hatter hats!

All of these items went with the theme of the Mad Hatter Tea Party in the book. Alice herself described the tea party as, “the strangest tea party ever!”

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