CMDS Bids Farewell to the Class of 2016

It happens every spring, and it’s difficult every time. But here we are saying goodbye to another group of graduates who are all heading off to new schools in the fall.
This delightful, well-rounded group of students collectively possesses brains, athleticism, artistic sensibilities, wit and Christian leadership. class of 2016 collierville
Long-time CMDS Bible Teacher Cheryl Bryant describes them simply as “Bible scholars.” Sixth Grade Teacher Nell Womack agrees.
“During my devotions, they’re asking me questions that show me they’re really thinking about their faith,” Womack said.
The Class of 2016 will also be remembered for its intelligence and its great chemistry as friends. They were especially kind to our younger students.
“These students were one of the most incredible groups I’ve ever taught,” said Lauren Gant, CMDS Advancement Assistant and former 5th Grade Teacher, who taught all of our graduates last year. “They’re smart, they love to learn and they love the Lord. They’re truly phenomenal.”
The entire CMDS community will sorely miss the sweet faces of these boys and girls in the fall, but we can’t wait to follow each one’s journey forward as they take a piece of CMDS with them to 13 Memphis-area schools in the fall.

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Here’s where they’re headed next year:

Class of 2016

Luciana A., St. Mary’s
Sheridan A., St. Mary’s
Ethan B., St. George’s
Will B., ECS
Daniel B., MUS
Cowan B., St. George’s
Lily C., Hutchison
Will C., MUS
Natalie H., Hutchison
Noah H., Collierville Middle
Jake H., St. Louis
Amaya H., Lausanne
Dex J., MUS
Chandler J., St. Louis
William K., St. Louis
Avery K., St. Agnes
Louise L., St. Mary’s
Jacob M., MUS
Audrey M., St. Mary’s
Breland M., Hutchison
Will P., MUS
Stafford S., Woodland
Madeline S., Harding
Lainey S., St. Mary’s
Ava S., Briarcrest
Rivers V., White Station Middle
Porter W., MUS
William W., ECS
Annie W., White Station Middle
Thomas Z., Lausanne


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