Choosing Co-Ed: Why Boys and Girls Should Learn Together

A co-ed school is reflective of the real world.

Our boys and girls learn how to work with and respect each other, which better prepares them for the years ahead. They learn to be mindful of each other as individuals and treat each other fairly.

A co-ed school provides opportunities for friendships between boys and girls.

Middle school can be awkward enough, so a co-ed primary experience produces more grounded children who are comfortable interacting with each other.

A co-ed school fosters leaders.

Boys and girls are given the same opportunities to collaborate and solve problems together. Therefore all are emboldened to lead their peers.

A co-ed school teaches to the individual child.

We break through the stereotypes typically associated with how boys and girls learn differently. CMDS teachers know each child as an individual and customize activities to reach every type of learner.

Christ Methodist Day School first opened its doors in 1958 to 75 kindergarten students. Since then, it has continued to grow and thrive in the exact same spot it was founded: right along Poplar Avenue, in the middle of Memphis, just about halfway between FedExForum and Shelby Farms Park. Visit for information about enrollment.


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