Achievement Test Tips from Mrs. Gieselmann

With Achievement Tests around the corner, CMDS Counselor Rebecca Gieselmann shares these test-taking tips for both parents and students. 

What Parents Can Do

As much as possible, we would like for your student to come to school next week feeling prepared and ready for the achievement test. Students in 1st-6th grade have been taking practice tests at school. We’ve also been sharing some of these helpful test-taking tips with them.

CMDS Counselor Rebecca Gieselmann

Here are some of the things you can do, or help facilitate in your home.

  • Lay the uniforms out before going to bed to avoid frantic searching for socks and belts in the morning!
  • Make sure everyone goes to bed on time.
  • Instead of playing video games or watching TV, encourage your child to turn on a soft light and read in bed. This will help calm and prepare the brain for sleep.
  • Set the alarm clocks a few minutes earlier and try to get to school on time or even a little early.
  • Make sure your student eats a good breakfast.
  • Encourage them to think positive thoughts about the achievement test. Students have worked hard all year, and they are prepared for these tests. We just want them to do their best!

If your child gets anxious about testing, do not worry. Remind them that feeling anxious is normal, and it’s OK to feel a little nervous before testing.

Also, remind them that there are a few good things about testing week: No homework and extra recess!

Here’s a list of Test-Taking Tips that we share with CMDS students.
  1. Realize that no one gets all answers correct on a standardized achievement test.
  2. Make a commitment to do your best.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Set your clock to ring a little early to avoid having to rush in the morning.
  5. Pick out clothing at night – before going to bed – to avoid wasting time before going to school.
  6. Eat a good breakfast and lunch, but don’t overeat.
  7. Wear comfortable clothing, something you feel confident wearing.
  8. If you wear glasses, clean them and don’t forget to wear them.
  9. Try to clear your mind of all worries.
  10. Resolve any disagreements with family members and friends.
  11. Avoid activities that may tend to create controversy or unpleasantness.
  14. Recognize and accept anxious feelings.
  15. Do not become discouraged because of difficult test items.
  16. Listen and watch carefully while instructions are given.
  17. If you don’t understand the directions, ask questions immediately before the test begins.
  18. Read directions quickly, but carefully.
  19. Work swiftly and accurately.
  20. Find the proper answer space on the answer sheet and mark it carefully.
  21. Make sure the answer sheet number is the same as the number of the test question.
  22. Complete all of the easier items. Don’t waste time on the difficult ones. Come back to them.
  23. Eliminate answers that you know are wrong. Then check the remaining responses for key words.
  24. Narrow your choices down to two answers, but if you still can’t decide, make an educated guess.
  25. If you complete your test with time left, be sure to go back and check your work.
  26. Be sure to erase any dots or stray marks on your answer sheet.

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