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Encore Classes


2K – 6th Grade
Art is an essential piece of the CMDS academic experience. Our students attend Art class weekly and use the subject daily through cross-curricular integration, most notably through our STEAM Initiative. We know parents love to see the end result of their child’s art project, but our focus is more on the process and right-brain development. We challenge our students to learn, experiment, take risks and solve problems, and because of that, engineering principles are used in every Art class. Understanding that there are no wrong answers in Art allows “the roof to come off” and gives our students the freedom to try new things and grow as creators.


Senior Kindergarten – 6th Grade
SK:  Students cover the Bible in one year with those stories of God’s truth and faithfulness. There are opportunities to share in Chapel and other programs that lead us to our Savior and His Grace.

Grade School: At CMDS, we strategically study God’s Word by completing the Bible in a six-year period.  The student’s understanding of the Bible is enriched by sharing plays in Chapel, leading Christmas programs, and by acting in Easter Walk-Through presentations. The primary goal of our Bible program is to experience God’s love, as well as to learn from His Word.

Discovery Lab

Early Childhood
Our STEAM-influenced Discovery Lab encourages our Early Childhood students to be scientists and engineers. The course includes a rotation of science and nature, engineering and construction and a tinker space where students can explore freely. The curriculum strategy is to encourage students to ask questions, gather information, form hypotheses, experiment, share and collaborate. Introducing them to the design-thinking process at a young age fosters creative experimentation and a love for science and engineering.

Engineering Lab

Grade School
The E-Lab at CMDS is an interest-driven STEAM learning experience that, above all else, teaches students how to fail and try again. It incorporates the design-thinking process, which involves analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and then evaluating a project or challenge. This class stretches our students to revisit and continuously improve their work as a project’s circumstances evolve.
Our Upper School (fourth through sixth grades) uses FUSE, a curriculum developed by researchers at Northwestern University. Students participate in a series of online challenges ranging from building a house to designing a roller coaster. Each challenge uses a leveling-up model from gaming and is carefully designed to engage the students in different STEAM topics and skill sets. CMDS is thrilled to be the first FUSE school in our region.


5th and 6th Grades
Upper school students in 5th and 6th grades have the opportunity to choose elective classes during their Encore Block each week. Students can choose a new elective each quarter, or continue in the same one to build even deeper skills and knowledge about a topic. Classes in subjects such as music, journalism, computer programming, robotics, gardening, drama, bible study, leadership and other topics give our oldest students the chance to explore and refine their interests.

Global Preschool Studies

2K – Junior Kindergarten
GPS gives our Early Childhood students an international perspective of the world. Passport in hand, students “travel” to a new country every six weeks where they are immersed in that nation’s culture. They study the geography, food, art, holidays, basic vocabulary, clothing, music and literature.  Some of the countries they study include Africa, Japan, Sweden, France, Zambia, Mexico and England.

Math Lab

SK – 6th Grade
Math Lab rounds out our STEAM Initiative at CMDS. This class has two objectives: enrichment and extension. Math Lab allows students to dive deeper and grasp a better understanding of mathematical concepts. By enriching and extending the curriculum topics taught in the classroom, students learn how to apply math skills to real-world problems and scenarios. From small group projects to dynamic games and puzzles, Math Lab enhances and boosts students’ math skills, while igniting their curiosity and giving them the confidence they need to be successful mathematicians.


2K – Sixth Grade
Early Childhood: A child’s library education begins in our Early Childhood program. Reading aloud to children makes an impression on them for a lifetime as they mature in their listening, thinking and reasoning skills. We read a wonderful array of children’s literature while encouraging a love of reading.

Grade School: Students are taught library, study and research skills. They learn how to select books for pleasure reading, school assignments and for exploring new interests and discovering new worlds. Students listen to great children’s literature, practice reading for comprehension and celebrate the joy of reading with fun and creative activities.


2K – 6th Grade
Our music program at CMDS glorifies God while building a foundation for students to enjoy and appreciate music. The program – taught by teachers certified in the Orff-Schulwerk technique – consists of exploring music through singing, playing instruments, dancing, clapping and keeping a steady beat. CMDS also has a full set of Orff rhythm and barred instruments.

Early Childhood: Students enjoy learning music and using rhythm instruments and movement during their weekly music class. They also participate in two sharing programs each year.

Grade School: Students study many genres of music and are introduced to a variety of instruments and composers. As students progress each year, they learn how to play Orff instruments, correct singing techniques and how to read music. Fifth and sixth graders learn to play the recorder and are encouraged to participate in the CMDS choir. All students participate in a Christmas musical performance each year, as well as our special Grandparents’ Day program in the spring and the annual Easter Walk-Through celebration. Students who want to further their music study can take private lessons through the Maxine Moore Music Academy, which is conveniently located on the CMDS campus and offers affordable lessons in piano, voice, guitar, strings, woodwinds and brass.

Science Lab

SK, Grade School
Our goal is to spark an interest in science and to encourage the student’s ability to solve problems. In Science Lab, our budding scientists work in groups of three or four using an investigative, hands-on approach to answer various questions. Carolina Biological developed our curriculum, which covers life, physical and earth/space sciences. The study spirals throughout a student’s CMDS career. Along with experiments, Science Lab incorporates dissection beginning with owl pellets in third grade and graduating to worms in fourth, frogs in fifth and a cow eye in sixth grade. All students also visit our Starlab planetarium four times a year.


SK, Grade School
CMDS Spanish is a FLEX (Foreign Language for Exploration) program. All grade levels meet weekly. Students use interactive notebooks to document their learning throughout the year. The notebooks include an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and writing. Students engage in projects or hands-on activities that allow them to explore the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries and their people. The goal is for our students to leave CMDS with a well-rounded understanding of the Spanish language: written, oral and expressive.


2K – Sixth Grade
Physical Education and daily Recess at CMDS encourage students to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students play a variety of organized sports and games in PE and are taught the importance of sportsmanship. Our PE teachers also teach weekly “healthy habits” that children can independently apply to their daily lives.