CMDS STEAM Team Takes Show on the Road

The STEAM Initiative at CMDS forms the foundation of the school’s academic curriculum. The STEAM team – a dynamic group of teachers who leads these Encore classes – has been taking their show on the road. They’ve traveled to New York, Chicago and Kansas City to present at various educators’ conferences, including the International Technology and [...]

CMDS Teachers Visit ‘Disney World for Teachers’ at Ron Clark Academy

New sights and sounds may be emerging from the third floor classrooms thanks to an inspiring training course the CMDS 5th and 6th grade teaching team attended in March. Literature teacher Nell Womack shares some of the details.  CMDS 5th and 6th Grade Literature Teacher Nell Womack Our team attended Educator Training at [...]

Achievement Test Tips from Mrs. Gieselmann

With Achievement Tests around the corner, CMDS Counselor Rebecca Gieselmann shares these test-taking tips for both parents and students.  What Parents Can Do As much as possible, we would like for your student to come to school next week feeling prepared and ready for the achievement test. Students in 1st-6th grade have been taking practice [...]

CMDS 6th Grade-SK Buddies Program Connects Students

by Shannon Nanney This year marks a milestone in the CMDS SK-6th Grade Buddies program. CMDS SK Teacher Shannon Nanney The CMDS Class of 2019 was the first group of SK students to participate in what has become a beloved tradition at Christ Methodist Day School. The buddies program began as an outreach, [...]

Find Some Springtime Discovery Lab Fun … at Home

by Linda Patterson New ideas and discoveries don’t just happen in a Discovery Lab at school. They can happen at home, in your backyard or wherever you may find yourself on a sunny spring day. CMDS Discovery Lab Teacher Linda Patterson As parents and teachers, we can provide, lead and guide our children [...]

CMDS Students Reflect on Kindness Counts Week

by Rebecca Gieselmann Kindness is an important character quality that all of us at CMDS strive to teach to the students. For the past few years, our school motto has been “Choose Kindness.” Our teachers talk to our students on a consistent basis about how to treat one another with kindness and respect.  In addition [...]

10 Colorful Characters, by CMDS Nurse Alison Boeving

Each day, CMDS Nurse Alison Boeving hands out a lot of Band-Aids and a number of ice packs, in addition to checking blood sugars, doses of daily medications and insulin. She also enjoys daily encounters with a funny – and surprisingly consistent – cast of characters. CMDS Nurse Alison Boeving “Each one of [...]

CMDS Ready for Kindness Counts Week, Heart Blitz

Rebecca Gieselmann started the CMDS Kindness Counts program as a way of further developing kindness qualities in the students. CMDS Counselor Rebecca Gieselmann Kindness Counts Week, scheduled for Feb. 11-14, is filled with grade-level guidance lessons and planned classroom activities, all geared toward “choosing kindness.” This year, Guidance Counselor Gieselmann and the other [...]

Tech 411 for Parents, from CMDS Technology Teacher Kim Moon

by Kim Moon You've heard it before and I'll say it again: Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs you'll ever have. But parenting in the age of technology, devices, screens and iPhones is testing new boundaries of sanity. CMDS Technology Director Kim Moon My daughter is currently a high school [...]

Read-olutions: What Will You Read in 2019?

by Ruth Thompson The new year is a popular time to think about what you want to change about yourself, whether it be health-related goals, exercise goals or changing other habits. This new year on social media I saw many people posting 'favorite book' lists; asking for book recommendations; and listing books they want to [...]

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