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Board of Trustees

In addition to serving as the governing body and policy setting team for the Day School, the Board of Trustees oversees the policies and administration of the Early Education Program (EEP), Alpha & Omega Kids (before & after school care and summer program), and the Maxine Moore Music Academy. The Board’s voting members – parents, school community leaders, alumni and alumni parents – serve three-year terms and are led by a chairperson who serves a two-year term. Most members attend bi-monthly meetings and serve on one of four committees: Executive, Finance, Development, and Governance. The head of school reports directly to the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the faculty and staff of each of the programs listed above.

Board Chairman – Brook Lester
Finance Chairman – Mark Sorgenfrei
Governance Chairman – Matthew Crosby
Development Chairman – Byron Fisher

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Scott Fleming

Amy Keith

Brook Lester

Karen Poole

Mark Sorgenfrei

Rod Thompson

Monica Wharton

Melissa Boals

Thomas Cheairs

Daniel Connerley

Matthew Crosby

Paul Mann

Gary Giles

Mary Chancellor

Byron Fisher

Sean Henneberger

Michael Jacques


Ex-officio Members

Dr. Bryan Williams

Ms. Teena Maginn

Dr. Cynthia Davis