A Day In the Life (of CMDS): From Fairy Tale Feast to Science Fair

Our days at CMDS are busy, and there’s more going on during a typical school day than we can even begin to figure out how to share with our community of parents.

So here’s our best effort! We wanted to showcase some of the things our kids have been learning about and doing recently. We chose five different activities to share, representing a variety of grade levels and subject matters. (And full disclosure: this didn’t all happen on the exact same day, but you get the idea…)

PK: Fairy Tale Feast

Last week our PK classes got together to celebrate the annual Fairy Tale Feast. It was a fun day of knights and kings, princesses and queens! It also represented the culmination of PK’s month-long unit on fairy tales.
Using some of our favorite fairy tales as a backdrop – from Jack and the Beanstalk to The Princess and the Pea – the students learned what characters are, how a setting can shape a story and how conflict adds plot and dialogue. They learned concepts like happily ever after and good vs. evil. And they celebrated all of it with costumes, a parade and a royal fairy tale feast, complete with candle light and goblets!

SK: Tooth Fairy Traps

tooth fairy

Our SK students have been very inquisitive about the tooth fairy, and Ms. Moon recently decided to formulate a technology STEAM project around their curiosity. As a class, SK thought about questions they could ask the tooth fairy if they happened to catch her: Can you give me $1,000? What do you do with the teeth you collect? Where do you live? What do you like to eat? How do you sneak into my bedroom?
Then the kids crafted tooth fairy traps, using provided supplies. As part of the project, they had to describe how their traps worked. Some of the girls wanted to build tooth fairy houses for her to stay in or toys for her to play with when she comes to visit!

2nd Grade: Wixie Insects


Wixie is an online publishing and creativity platform that all CMDS students – from SK to 3rd grade – use at school. The kids have their own accounts and electronic portfolios. (If you haven’t logged them in on your home computer, give it a try! We think you’ll love seeing some of the things they’ve been working on.)
As an example, 2nd grade last week used Wixie as part of their first real research project. Piggybacking on their classroom study, technology teacher Ms. Moon assigned each 2nd grader an insect to research. They had to find the main ideas, write down facts, type their facts and then draw their insect digitally using Wixie. Above is an example of one of our 2nd grade student’s work. The project is a good example of cross-curricular learning as well as CMDS’ focus on STEAM.

3rd Grade: Trip to Chucalissa

chucalissaCMDS 3rd Graders took an April field trip to Chucalissa as part of their CKLA unit on Native Americans. The students had a fabulous excursion, highlighted with experiences like participating in a Native American drum circle and standing on a real Native American mound. They also got to have a scavenger hunt to discover facts about Native Americans, make archaeological observations using real artifacts and create dreamcatchers. When they returned, the 3rd graders wrote journal entries about their trip. Here are some highlights:
“I got to touch the artifacts, some were 500 to 1,000 years old. I even got to hold a spear, blowpipe and a bow and arrow. I got to play Indian instruments.”
“My favorite part of Chucalissa was the scavenger hunt because I really liked not just looking for answers, but also finding some fascinating facts. I learned that the game anesta (the game the Native Americans played) could also be called stick ball. I also learned that ten people would fit in one tiny, little canoe.”
“I learned that it takes 380,000 baskets of dirt to make a mound. … My favorite part was when we got to stand on top of the mound and when we made dreamcatchers. … I also learned that it took 25 years to build a mound.”

6th Grade: Science Fair

DSC_7807STEAM is a major theme at CMDS, and our 6th Grade Science Fair is a big deal for our oldest students. This year, 6th graders put together an amazing collection of projects. Choosing the winners was a tough task!
Here’s a list of our winners and the titles of their projects.
Best in Show – Porter W.
Beam vs. Truss: Which is Stronger?
1st Place – Dex J.
The Herschel Experiment Do Different Colors of Light have Different Temperatures?
2nd Place – Will B.
Do Different Forms of Light Affect Plant Growth?
3rd Place – Luciana A.
Which Mouthwash Kills Germs the Best?
Honorable Mention – Daniel B.
Rethink your Drink: Which Drink has the Most Sugar?
Honorable Mention – Ethan B.
What is the Better Antioxidant?


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